12 Weeks of Summer: Week 8

NiceRide_optMinneapolis is a very bike-friendly city. In fact, the city has received numerous awards for being one of the best cities for biking in the country.

So for Week 8 of our 12 Weeks of Summer series, we are going to give some suggestions on how and where you can enjoy Minneapolis by bike.

There are plenty of bikeways and paths to enjoy, which we’ll get to. But first, if you need to borrow or rent a bike, you have a couple of options.

First off, you’ve probably seen those bike stations all around the city loaded with lime green bikes. Those are courtesy of Nice Ride MN, a non-profit, bicycling sharing program that is easy and convenient. You simply borrow a bike from any one of their stations and return it either to the same station or a different one.

You need to become a member or purchase a pass to access a bike, and then you are charged essentially by the minute. But, it’s a really affordable solution for any one who wants access to a bike on any given day for casual riding. For more information, check out the Nice Ride website.

If you’re looking for bikes and someone to take you around, consider visiting Minneapolis By Bike, located at 16th and Hennepin. They offer bike rentals (including helmets and locks)  for adults and children – they even have trailers and tag-alongs – that you can rent for two or four hours, half-day or overnight. And if you want more, you can look to them to take you around Minneapolis on one of their guided, narrated bicycle tours which take place Thursdays through Sundays. For all the details, please visit the Minneapolis By Bike website.

If you are all set with a bike but are looking for some inspiration on where to go, consider that the Most Bike Friendly City in the Country has some great trails.

Of course, we have the lakes to bike around. There’s the Chain of Lakes (Harriet, Calhoun, Isles and Cedar) which offer a great ride together or independently. And, with each lake comes a different vibe as well as different areas to stop along the way, either to take in the sights and people watching, or to grab a snack or meal.

From South Beach at Lake Harriet, you can catch Minnehaha Creek and it’s path. Wind along with it all the way to Lake Nokomis, Minnehaha Falls and eventually the Mississippi River. And from Lake Nokoms, you can make your way over to Lake Hiawatha to see what’s happening over there.

If you want to stay on the western side of town, consider checking out the four miles of paths at Theodore Wirth Park, our city’s largest regional park. Chances are here you’ll encounter lots of wildlife as well as lots of golfers.

The Midtown Greenway is a 5.5 mile-long former railroad corridor in South Minneapolis that boasts biking and walking paths. At the western point, it connects to the Chain of Lakes, and later the Southwest LRT Trail with connections to the western suburbs. At the eastern point, it connects with paths along the Mississippi River. It offers a great route through the city as well as numerous opportunities to stop for coffee, lunch or ice cream.

Victory Memorial is a 3. 8 mile path that takes you past the rows of trees and markers that commemorate the Hennepin County servicemen of WWI. From there, you’ll explore the natural resources along beautiful Shingle Creek and North Mississippi Regional Park, and finally explore the curvy Webber Parkway.

Regardless of which part of the city you explore, you’ll find excellent bike paths and lots of fun when you get out and explore Minneapolis by bike!

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