24 Year-old Motivational Speaker, Ella Dorner Moves To Minneapolis

At age 16, Ella Dorner forgot every memory she had ever made.

Ella Dorner, Motivational Speaker, today announced her relocation to Minneapolis, MN. The renowned 24 year-old amnesiac settled into the Twin Cities and she is now accepting speaking requests for the 2017/2018 calendar years.

Ella’s Story

Entering the tenth grade, Ella took a fall that landed her with Retrograde Amnesia. At 16, she was learning the world around her as if she was six months old. She had to re-learn her ABC’s, she had to learn to add and subtract again, she didn’t even know her own family. As she and her wonderful family worked through the process of re-learning, Ella lived in a tent that was pitched in her bedroom—just enough room to move around and for her to feel safe. Every time she woke, she saw the note on her tent wall that said, “The blonde woman is your mother… and she loves you very much.”

“The doctors estimated I could regain anywhere between 0-70% of my memories back… over the span of 9 years.” –Ella Dorner

Now 8 years later, Ella patiently hopes and prays for more of her memories to return. Luckily, she has found a way to pass the time: Ella delivers an emotionally gripping performance her audience will never forget. She will bring you to both happy and sad tears, all while she has you thinking differently about the water coming out of your face. Ella’s electric energy, humor, and contagious happiness makes you reflect deeply about your life, and alters your daily perspective. 

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