7 Sweet Reasons to Visit Uniquely Yours Custom Jewelry

Have you visited Uniquely Yours Custom Designed Jewelry in Linden Hills yet? If not, they have seven sweet reasons to stop in.

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Loose Gemstone Event

Can you imagine anything more dangerous than a few “gem addicts” left to their own devices in a jewelry store? Well, that something more dangerous would be the wonderful supply partners who visit Uniquely Yours Custom Designed Jewelry each year to show off the magnificent gems they’ve acquired during their travels around the globe!

“We always enjoy looking through their treasures and curating special gemstones to offer our customers for their custom designs as well as our one-of-a-kind creations for our cases,” says Jen Bellefleur, jewelry designer and vice president at Uniquely Yours Custom Designed Jewelry. “We’ve acquired so many fantastic gems this year, we’d like to share them with our customers–so we’re having a rare sale and are offering our loose gemstones and even diamonds at just 50% of their regular prices.”

These loose gemstones are available by appointment only and will be first come, first serve and this promotion will end on February 14th, no exceptions. You can schedule your appointment by calling Uniquely Yours at 612-746-0508.


Valentine’s Day

Otherwise known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, February 14th marks the day when sweethearts everywhere around the world celebrate their love for one another with cards, confections, and objects of devotion. Often, lovers tend to let her know she sparkles with a gift of fine jewelry. With prices starting at $100 and up, Uniquely Yours can definitely put a big smile on both your faces with one-of-a-kind gifts, handmade by local, master craftspeople and jewelry artisans.


Secret Sale!

The Uniquely Yours Holiday secret sale was so successful, they’ve decided to do it again.

How does it work? Well, they’ve selected a baker’s dozen – 13 – beautiful items that they love very much. They are offering these pieces at just 50% of their original prices.  There’s no sign in the store, and no way for anyone to know about them except you! How do you find out what they are?  Come in to the studio and ask to see the SECRET SALE list…and voila!  As a sneak preview, here is  you just one of the items they’re offering.

Uniquely Yours Diamond Ring

This rich, 14K yellow gold stunner has a sleek, convex inside and a gorgeous, pleat textured surface with a whopping .70 ctw of high quality, white diamonds gleaming from a center row, as well as scattered all through its “sky.”  Many women have tried on and loved this dazzler since they’ve offered it, but who holds the polished style credentials to claim it? To touch it is to love it, and they’re offering it during this promotion for $1750!  That’s less than half of its current price of $3500. The secret sale ends February 14th. Is it you?


Recaptured Diamond Rings

…it’s something no one wants to talk about, but they change that one ring at a time.

Sometimes, life takes us in different directions than we may have planned, and we find that we have devotional objects like diamonds that no longer reflect our lives as they were.  Too often, we let them sit around in drawers and wonder what to do with them, or we sell them off and forget about them.  Let’s get those diamonds out into the beautiful light of our current day and MAKE something out of them!  Uniquely Yours loves helping clients transform their gems into beautiful, wearable art that celebrates who you are today.  How?  Call them at 612-746-0508, and gather up all that abandoned jewelry. They will help you honor the past and create the future–one ring or pendant at a time.


Spring Celebrations

Mother’s Day, Graduation and Father’s Day are all approaching along with longed-for spring.

Each year, Uniquely Yours’ trusted clients approach them to seek fitting tributes to the special people in their lives for these occasions. Often, just the right keepsake is found in their cases, but sometimes, thy need a bit of extra time to meet all their clients’ needs during this time of the year as well as to order components. They’d like to advise you to come see them sooner rather than later, so that they can give your special someone the attention they deserve in time for the big day.


Wedding Season

Spring Weddings are so beautiful!  As the snow thaws in the months to come, Uniquely Yours loves working with couples to create stunning engagement and wedding rings to commemorate these most sacred milestones. From those of you who are just starting your mission to find the perfect proposal ring, to those who are busy planning their weddings and haven’t seen just the special rings that resonate with you to celebrate your union–go see them!  Read their online reviews, and you’ll find that they love their clients and their mission to create wearable art very, very much.


You have questions. They have answers.

Questions about how to care for your jewelry?  Need an appraisal?  Have you had your valuable gems and diamonds checked and tightened lately?  Stop into Uniquely Yours anytime for these services and many others–or just to say hi! They Love Their Clients.


About Uniquely Yours:

Uniquely Yours is a three-artist collaborative custom studio located in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis. While their expertise lay in designing and creating custom pieces made from platinum and palladium, 14K and 18K gold, and more, they also provide other services such as the restoration of antique jewelry, including heirloom pieces. They treat every customer like family with the goal of exceeding their customers’ expectations every time they walk through the door.

Find Uniquely Yours at 4305 Upton Ave. S. in Minneapolis, as well as online at www.uniquelyyourscustomjewelry.com and on Facebook. And, see what others have to say about their experiences at Uniquely Yours by clicking here.


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