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Betty Dangers CCBy Lauren Andruss

Driving along Marshall Street in northeast Minneapolis, you are sure to be greeted unexpectedly with a view of a lit-up pink “mechanical tree,” also known as The Danger, and Minneapolis’s newest Ferris wheel.

Located just down the street from its sister, Psycho Suzi’s, Betty Danger’s Country Club claims to be the perfect country club for the 99%. Referred to many as a “country club on crack”, the décor not only includes neon pink and green, but also typical “preppy” wallpaper, chandeliers, dark plaid carpet and animals mounted on the wall. True to any Leslie Bock restaurant or bar, Betty’s stays incredibly in theme throughout the entire experience….and because with everything that is going on, that is what it truly is: an experience.

Before heading over to the country club, check out Betty’s highly humorous and satirical website. Make sure to read Betty’s biography as well as their FAQ (or as they call it, Academics). Here it explains how Betty Danger’s came to be (after a very traumatic country club experience when Betty was little), and features stories of Betty’s siblings: Sabrina, of Saint Sabrina’s Parlor, Suzi, of Psycho Suzi’s Tiki Bar and Donny and Frank, of Donny Dirk’s Zombie Lounge. Also check out the amenities menu so you can plan your day, or night, accordingly.

Upon walking into the dimly lit restaurant, you are greeted by a club-like hostess desk. From there, guests can either grab a table in the Library, which is the main dining area, up at the 26-seater bar, out on the four season porch called the Garden Room, or outside on the patio with great views of The Danger and mini-golf course.

Betty Dangers Porch

Part of the country club.

Servers dressed in preppy attire hand out menus tucked away in various books including “True Prep” and “A Ladies’ Book of Etiquette.” Read through the drink menu first which features various preppy drinks with a Mexican twist. Various margaritas are featured first in six different flavors. You see, Betty’s claims to be located in “Mexhampton”, a made up place which brings together Minnesota, Mexico and the Hamptons. This is evident in the food they serve which always includes some sort of spice and peppers; even the traditional comfort food like the “Polo Pony Pasta”, a jalapeño macaroni and cheese dish, is fairly spicy.

Betty’s also has a weekend brunch menu, and “tea time” from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm during the week, featuring drink specials on margaritas, draft beers and house wine. The happy hour food menu is a pretty slim list and all of these specials are only offered at the bar. Personally, my group enjoyed the drinks and atmosphere more than the food itself.

While Betty Danger’s is actually located at the original Psycho Suzi’s location, the entertainment factor has definitely been increased and when you are there, you must ride “The Danger.” A ticket gets you a twenty minute ride and a drink from a condensed drink menu. You can also spend a little more and order appetizers. Views of the river and downtown are great from the top. Look out for the goat hanging out on the roof as well! The Danger is not open during bad weather, for obvious reasons, but they are saying it will be open during the winter. What a fun way to get bundled up and enjoy a warm drink!

Great view, even on a cloudy day!

Great view, even on a cloudy day!

As well, Betty Danger’s offers what they call the “Monetary Correction Golf Course”. This 8 ½ hole golf course (yes there is a half hole) is filled with various plastic animals and obstacles. There is even a hole with tables located right in the middle of the green. With the par being six on each hole (which is also the stroke limit), everyone is a winner!

Betty Dangers Golf

Part of the 81/2 hole golf course.

Betty Danger’s Country club is not one to be missed this summer. And if you want to visit Betty’s siblings, too, check out the Tiki Tram which travels in a circular loop between all three locations. The tram arrives at each stop every 15 minutes or so, costs $1 per ride and runs Thursday through Sunday from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

So, slip on your preppy country club attire, liven up your day, or night, and try out Betty Danger’s Country Club!

Stay up to date on events and specials on their Facebook page and website.

Betty Danger’s Country Club is located at 2501 Marshall St. NE. in Minneapolis.

Betty Dangers CC2 

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