CycleBar Pedals into Uptown

CcycleBar ExteriorWhen you first walk into CycleBar, a new premium indoor biking studio in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, you know you are in for quite a ride. It’s big, it’s clean, it’s sleek and it’s quite inviting.

Plus, you can just tell the time you spend in there is going to be fun.

And that’s the end goal of CycleBar Uptown franchise owner, Zach Pettus.

“When people leave after a ride,” Zach says, “I want them to be smiling because they had a great time, and they got in a great workout.”

So, what’s the big deal about another cycling studio opening up in Minneapolis?

Turns out, a lot. In order to provide a unique customer experience, CycleBar provides many amenities that you won’t find anywhere else.

First off, there is no annual memberships to buy. Rather, you purchase your rides in packs on the CycleBar website. You also register for a class – and choose which bike you want to ride during class – right online as well.

When you arrive for your scheduled class, you will be offered fresh fruit and water before the ride. And if you forgot your shoes, no worries. They have an ample supply of biking shoes you can borrow. No charge.

Forget your water bottle? That’s OK; they’ll give you one to use, and they’ll expect you to take it home with you as a souvenir.

CycleBar Water Bottles

And then, there’s the CycleTheatre.

The CycleTheatre is where the action really happens. It’s a tiered theatre, containing 50 bikes, two flat-screen TVs and a DJ booth. Yes, you read that right; a DJ booth.


Each bike is equipped with a personal data monitor so riders can track their stats during their ride. What’s more, your CycleStats are emailed to you after each ride so that you can track your fitness progress. Plus, the playlist that you listened to during your ride is also emailed to you with links to iTunes in case you want to download a song or two.

After the ride, participants are invited to hang out in the community area to “wine down” or enjoy a treat from neighbor, Yogurt Lab.

“I want this to be a place where people feel good, like they are part of a community,” says Zach.

It’s easy to feel good here, too. CycleBar is situated on Girard Avenue in Uptown, on a lovely, quiet block between Lagoon and Lake streets. There is underground parking, a ramp across Lagoon, and free street parking two blocks away.

“Lots of free parking in the neighborhood,” says Zach.

And he should know. He not only grew up in Minneapolis, he now is an Uptown resident, and is excited to bring a new level of fitness to the community when CycleBar officially opens on Thursday, September 1.

To celebrate, CycleBar invites you to try them out for free during the first 10 days of September

You can peruse their schedule of 60 free classes and reserve your spot by clicking here. And to learn more about CycleBar Uptown, please visit


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