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da-rich-kidzz-ride-my-limoIf you see a commercial for Kmart with seven mostly pre-teens rapping about their limo, then you are watching local rap group, Da Rich Kidzz, do their thing.

If their name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because they are formerly known as the YN Rich Kids.

If that still doesn’t ring a bell, how does Hot Cheetos & Takis sound to you?

Last year, the young rappers became overnight internet sensations with their undisputed song of the summer, Hot Cheetos & Takis, which they recorded as part of the Beats and Rhymes program through the North Community YMCA in Minneapolis. The program, in partnership with the Nellie Stone Johnson Community School, gives young kids the opportunity and equipment to create music as a reward for finishing their homework.

The video about the popular snack foods went viral almost immediately and gained attention from the Huffington Post and comedians Hannibel Buress and Aziz Ansari, both of whom tweeted about it.

And once you watch it, you’ll understand why:

Then earlier this year, Kmart called, offering the Kidzz their first paid gig promoting must-have clothes and supplies for the classroom. The commercial, a nationwide back-to-school campaign, is five separate commercials that are made up from the group’s new video My Limo. The limo in question is a school bus, and the Kmart logo appears throughout.

Here is the full video and be warned: it is catchy!

Congrats to these guys for finishing their homework; their reward – plus their talent – helped bring them to where they are today!

To learn more about Da Rich Kidzz and to see more of their work, check out their Facebook page.

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