DanceCo presents Expectation Station

Photos by Matthew Keefe

DanceCo will present Expectation Station, on October 17-22 at the Avalon Theater (home of In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre) 1500 East Lake Street Minneapolis.

This original family-friendly, train-themed production features live music by The Roe Family Singers and Engineer Paul of The Choo Choo Bob’s Train Show, theatre artist Rebecca Surmont and dancers Heather Cadigan-Brockman, Benjamin Johnson, Brittany Keefe, Jennifer Pray, Stephen Schroeder and Brian Sostek.

All tickets are $10, ages 2 and under get free lap passes! — 10am daytime performances will be offered Tuesday-Friday during MEA week.

A 20 minute pre-show workshop will teach kids 4-10 about trains and some movement elements from the show that will be used in audience participation sections of the show. The show will run one hour and include dance, live music, puppetry, and lots of trains — fun for the whole family!

Performances October 17-22: Tuesday – 10 am, Wednesday – 10 am, Thursday – 10 am, Friday – 10 am / 7pm, Saturday -10am / 2pm / 7pm, Sunday – 12pm and 2pm.

Tickets available at the door and online at Parking is available at the venue.

“DanceCo’s “Expectation Station” is inspired by a year of parenting. Regularly, my daughter and I saw the Roe Family Ringers perform and we went to Engineer Paul’s Story time at the Choo Choo Bob Train store. I watched my daughter fall in love with trains and train songs, just like her Dad. I saw an opportunity to craft a stage production that combines trains and their music with dance and theatre to make something new and delightfully different. A show that grandparents, parents and kids can enjoy together.” — Matthew Keefe

It’s a totally kid-friendly presentation with enough cleverness and humor to keep good-natured adults involved. These days, “charming” can be a code word for painfully twee, but here it fits. The performers are having a fun time, and it’s infectious.” — Nat Case, Pioneer Press, reviewing DanceCo’s “Wolf Tales in August 2016

DanceCo is a professional performance company creating original dance narratives for young audiences and their families. 

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