Comedy Corner Open Mic Night

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August 16, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm
The Corner Bar
1501 South Washington Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454

This is THE show that got the whole thing started! The popularity and success of this open mic has fresh stand up comics crawling out of the woodwork and is attracting nationally famous talent wanting to test new material. They start at 10pm sharp (meaning by like, 10:05) every single Friday, and it’s 100% free! Come see why they’ve been voted “Best Open Mic” by the Minneapolis comedy scene.

The show typically runs 90-100 minutes and features 20 local and national performers doing short 3-5 minute sets. The show is frequently PACKED, so get there early to get a table! They do have food and alcohol service in the comedy room, and bottomless bowls of peanuts/popcorn!

If you’re interested in performing at the open mic, SWEET! They welcome new comics and try to accommodate everyone brave enough to take the stage. They keep the shows tight, and expect you to respect that. Read the rules when you sign up (it’s the giant thing in the green room titled “THE RULES”) and know they use an algorithm to help make our list to help keep things fair. They get 40-60 comics signing up for 20 slots every week.

This means that while you are new, you will not get up EVERY week when starting out, but the more you come, the better your chances of earning that coveted stage time. To sign up, go to this link on Friday (and only Friday) after Noon. 

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