Fusion + Captured

IIDA Northland is excited to announce its 12th Annual Fusion Event, Friday November 3rd at The Machine Shop 300 2nd St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. This year’s event includes a change from tradition – busting out of the fashion show format and into an interactive environment.

As an industry of design professionals, we are sensitive to the emotions that people experience within the built environment. While we know that a space must be functional, we are empathetic to the reaction of individuals within their habitat.
This year, IIDA Northland challenged the design industry to cleverly craft mini-habitats or “backdrops” that are influenced by music. A total of 17 Teams will be putting their melody to a masterpiece by designing, constructing, and displaying an artful backdrop inspired by the musicians that march to the beat of their own drums. Teams must select one artist and song to derive a theme from, whether it’s album artwork, song lyrics, or dance moves, teams are free to use their artistic expression to create and explore music in a 7’W x 7’D x 8’H space. Event attendees and competitors will be encouraged to interact, choose their favorites, and pause a minute to take a selfie.

Local architectural photographer Corey Gaffer, creative director and stylist Liz Gardner, and style photographer and social media manager Rita Farmer, will judge the event this year, selecting winners for Best in Show, Most Instagrammable, Best Interpretation of Theme, and Best Use of Specifiable Materials. Event attendees will also be given the opportunity to vote for People’s Choice.

Beyond the event, the evening will consist of passed aps and buffet, specialty curated beverages, live performed music from Rock with U, and a hashtag printer. Tickets are available online and at the door the day of the event, however there is limited availability! Doors open promptly at 7:00 pm. 

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