HueMAN Parade and Festival

Free Health Screenings, Resources, Music and More!

The Hue-MAN Partnership Presents Ole 4th Ave. So. Days Parade and Festival on Saturday, July 15, at Green Central Park.

Free health screenings, resource connections at Green Central Park in South Minneapolis; offered by the Hue-Man Partnership

WHAT: A free, health-oriented community festival with a parade, resource fair, live music, free health screenings and more for South Minneapolis residents and others interested

WHEN: Saturday, July 15
Parade: 12 p.m.
Festival: 1 – 4 p.m.

WHERE: Green Central Park (on the north side of Richard R. Green Central Park School)
3416 4th Ave. So.
Minneapolis, Minn. 55408

DETAILS: The Ole 4th Ave S Days Parade and Festival was founded in 1991 to celebrate the history, culture, and diverse communities of South Minneapolis.

The Hue-MAN Partnership promotes healthy men, healthy families, and healthy communities. Hue-MAN organized this event and prompted local organizations and community members to gather and celebrate diversity and unity.

Free preventive health care services and screenings will be provided by Health Fair 11 in the “Q”mmunity and various other organizations:
• Blood pressure ● Height and Weight (BMI)
• Blood glucose ● Cholesterol

Free Entertainment:
• Tropical Zone
• Not Guilty Band

Sponsors and participants:
• Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN
• Hue-Man Partnership
• Health Fair 11 in the “Q”mmunity

The Hue-MAN Partnership comprises health care, community, and professional organizations seeking to address the health crisis among our young and middle-age men, primarily men of color.

Hue-MAN has two specific focuses: medical health and community outreach. The organization collaborates with others to reduce health disparities among men in the community. Moreover, the collaborative efforts empower and equip men to make healthy choices for themselves, their families, and their communities. The Hue-MAN name refers to empowering humans of all “hues.” 

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