Lil’ Kickers is Coming to Town

Lil KickersWe love soccer in these parts, so it makes sense that Lil’ Kickers soccer program is expanding to Minneapolis this fall.

The team that is bringing it here has served over 35,000 kids in the Chicago area since 2005. And while soccer is the glue in this year-round program, it is really a child-centered wellness program.

Lil’ Kickers classes are all indoors, so they are able to provide year-round soccer to their customers. They will offer their programs at two locations to start: the Sabes JCC in St. Louis Park, and Twin Cities Indoor Sports in Northeast Minneapolis, and will look to expand to other locations in the Twin Cities in the future.

Each Lil’ Kickers class is 50-minutes of high-energy, age-appropriate activities to introduce children to the game of soccer. Along with learning the fundamentals of the sport, kids also build strong physical, intellectual and emotional skills that will enable them to be successful both on and off the soccer field.

And that’s the mission of Lil’Kickers.

Classes start for kids as young as 18 months old and go all the way up to 12 years old. And although they start young, the kids don’t actually start playing soccer until they are 4 or 5.

For the younger kids, the classes are about developing balance and coordination as well as developing listening skills and socialization. And for all ages, it’s about building confidence as Lil’ Kickers encourages the students in a positive and safe way. And of course, it’s about having fun.

As mentioned, their programs run year-round, broken up into four seasons. Each season is between 11 and 13 weeks long, and classes will be offered at both locations during each season.

Classes are prorated if you join after a season has started, and if you have more than one child in the program, Lil’ Kickers offers a sibling discount.

“We are thrilled to bring our nationally renowned Lil’ Kickers program to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our new Twin Cities locations are a natural extension of our desire to bring our child development-based soccer program to more and more families,” says Kristen McGlynn, Coordinator and Director, Lil’ Kickers Twin Cities. “Our ultimate goal is to impact and inspire lives of our kids, parents, coaches and staff through purposeful play,” McGlynn adds.

You can learn more about Lil’ Kickers and have your children experience the fun they offer at their Open House, taking place August 27 and August 28:

  • August 27 from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm at Twin Cities Indoor
  • August 28 from 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm at Sabes JCC

The Open House is free and open to the public.

For more information and to RSVP, please click here. And for more information about Lil’ Kickers, please check out the Lil’ Kickers Twin Cities website.

Lil Kickers Twin Cities 

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