Local Community Workshop MPLS MAKE Expands to New Location, Doubles in Membership Capacity


MPLS MAKE, a community workshop for Twin Cities-area woodworkers (and soon to include metalworkers), will host a grand opening party on Saturday, Nov. 4, to celebrate its recent expansion and relocation to 3757 3rd Ave. NE in Columbia Heights. The grand opening will offer free food, drink and music, as well as a 90-foot Pinewood Derby track, make-your-own racecars and a tournament-style race competition throughout the afternoon.

MPLS MAKE is a work space for local woodworking enthusiasts, hobbyists and contractors who want to use their skills but may not have space of their own at home. Members pay monthly dues in exchange for unlimited, 24/7 access to a workshop fully stocked with professional-quality woodworking tools and machines.

Owner Theo Knaeble, a 26-year-old Minneapolis resident and entrepreneur, had the idea for the shared shop space after starting a woodworking business with a friend. MPLS MAKE, which was previously located in Northeast Minneapolis, opened in 2015 with just five members in a 500-square-foot studio. Today, the workshop has over 40 members, with the capacity to grow to 80 members in the new 8,500-square-foot space, a former automotive facility.

“MPLS MAKE is a community workshop in the truest sense of that phrase,” Knaeble said. “All our members contributed to getting our new workshop ready, and I’m excited for everyone to continue adding their knowledge, cool projects and perspectives to the MPLS MAKE community as we grow into our new space.”

The new, workshop has been completely renovated, and is equipped with a state-of-the-art automated dust collection and ventilation system, as well as plenty of project storage space, a dedicated finishing room and an isolated sanding room. MPLS MAKE will also be expanding its welding and metal working tools in months to come. A full list of tools offered at the shop can be found at www.mplsmake.com/tools.

“We’ve put a ton of effort into creating the best work space possible for local woodworkers and are pumped about adding tools for metalworkers as well,” Knaeble said. “We are very excited to welcome fellow Twin Cities makers to our incredible new workshop!”

The public is invited to join MPLS MAKE members celebrate the grand opening of the new space on Saturday, Nov. 4, at 2 p.m. MPLS MAKE is located at 3757 3rd Ave. NE in Columbia Heights.

For more information about MPLS MAKE or to become a member, visit www.mplsmake.com.

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