The Making of an Event Poster

2017 Loppet PosterEver wonder what goes into the making of an event poster?

Minneapolis-based design and branding firm, Duffy, recently released their design for the 2017 City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival poster.

Each year, custom merchandise is designed to support the Loppet Foundation and its annual event.

For 2017, the poster celebrates diversity, unity, uniqueness, beauty and nature through the depiction of one detailed, yet subdued, majestic snowflake.

Here is what each element represents and how it is depicted in the image:

DIVERSITY: No two snowflakes are alike. The same applies for the unique group of people participating in the event and the diversity of activities offered. In addition, diversity is represented in the creation of the 100 printed posters: like a snowflake, they all have same basic structure but each one prints differently and uniquely due to the printmaking process.

UNITY: Snowflakes are formed by multiple snow crystals connected together through hydrogen bonds. The connectivity of these bonds represents the connectivity of the community that participates in this event. The linear outlined style was done as a way of connecting all the elements of the snowflake and the many events in the outline of the snowflake to represent the bond that Loppet creates within the community and the people it brings together.

UNIQUE: The unique quality of each poster and the details of each snowflake represents the uniqueness of holding the event in a metropolitan area and the different people and variety of events.

BEAUTY: The symmetrical structure of a snow crystal creates a form that is complex but inherently beautiful. The poster utilizes this form as a way of conveying the beauty of a snowflake and the overall beauty of Minnesota winter.

NATURE: The poster embraces nature with a snowflake as the key structure. In addition, the color palette is monochromatic with the use of cool colors to stay true to the natural beauty of a Minnesota snowy winter.

And now you know what goes into the making of an event poster…or at least the 2017 City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival poster. The festival, by the way, is happening February 3 – 5, 2017.


2017 Loppet Poster 

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