Minnehaha Mile Nightmarket

Minnehaha MileDid you know there is a stretch of road in the Longfellow neighborhood of South Minneapolis that is referred to as the Minnehaha Mile? It is a blossoming shopping district that runs along Minnehaha Avenue from East Lake Street to the Falls.

Although most of the shops along the stretch are locally-owned retails stores, many of them feature and sell recycled, repurposed, and up-cycled goods and crafts. Some are open seven days a week while others are open only on the weekends. 

And if you’ve tried to visit any of the shops over the past several months, you may have noticed that Minnehaha Ave. has been torn up, making it difficult to get to some of these stores. While improvements in the streetscape will ultimately be looked at as a game-changer for many of the shop owners, they’ve had to endure months of low foot traffic due to the construction.

But now the long construction season is over and the section of road between Minnehaha Falls and E. 38th Street is on track to be done by the end of this month (construction will pick up again in April between between 38th & E. Lake streets).

To celebrate, the shops along the Minnehaha Mile are sponsoring the Minne-Mile Nightmarket on Saturday, October 24 from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

This free, family-friendly event is open to everyone and is a great way to experience and enjoy the Mile.

“The Nightmarket is a chance to give our community a taste of what we might like to see more permanently along Minnehaha: great food and drinks, a walkable environment, a focus on local and small, and a cohesive, sustainable destination for shopping and connecting,” says Julie Kearns, owner of Junket: Tossed & Found.

There will be food trucks, craft projects, live music, blankets for picnics, lots of local vendors and, of course, the shops along the Mile for you to check out.

It’s true this construction project proved to be a challenge for many of the shops along Minnehaha Avenue. Junket itself saw a hit in sales, but used the down time to improve operations and get a few projects done.

And despite the pain, the project is well worth it.

“There’s really no way of describing just how different it’s going to be around here. The roads are smooth and lovely. The bike lanes are wide and well marked. Bump-outs at key corners make for easier pedestrian crossings,” says Julie.

And the biggest message she wants to get out?

That Minnehaha Avenue is open again to traffic, effective immediately, and they can’t wait to see everyone!

For more information on the Minne-Mile Nightmarket and the Minnehaha Mile, check out their Facebook page.

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  1. Connie
    Connie October 30, 2017 at 3:32 pm |

    Do the stores share a time/day when most are open for business?


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