Furry Friends, Forever Homes

This week, we introduce you to Bella, a super friendly, six-year-old Siamese cat.

If her name wasn’t Bella, it could be “Cuddler,” as she loves to cuddle. She is definitely a lap cat who is perfectly content sitting with her people. While she does, she’ll talk to you, too, in the form of purring.

Bella’s favorite time of day is bedtime because she knows she has a few straight hours of laying next to you, embracing your arm with her paws (if you’d let her).

When she’s not cuddling, she might be looking for some catnip or running around with the zoomies. But cuddling is her jam.

That said, she is a bit scared when meeting new people. She will hang out under and bed or under the bathroom sink (with the cabinet door open) until she feels safe. But once she does, watch out; she’ll look for a new lap to hunker down on.

She also does very well with dogs, and has been known to sleep next to a dog if her human doesn’t want her on the bed.

Bella is looking for a new forever home because, sadly, her owner died. She is such a love and a great companion, so please keep her in mind if you or anyone you know are looking to add a four-legged friend to the family.

To find out more about Bella and to arrange a time to meet her, please contact Jill Goldstein.



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