Furry Friends, Forever Homes

This week, we introduce you to a cool cat named Hot Sauce!

Hot Sauce1

Hot Sauce is currently being fostered by a nice family that she picked out herself.

Last summer, she just showed up in her foster home’s back yard. Of course, at the time, the family didn’t realize they’d be fostering her, but no one claimed her. In fact, her foster mom brought her to the Humane Society in Coon Rapids to see if she was chipped.

She was.

Her real name is Jill, she is a domestic shorthair orange tabby, and she was born in October of 2008. Jill’s owner was contacted and disclosed that he had to move out of town and couldn’t take her with him. She was staying at a friend’s house, but that friend cut the cat loose.

Hot Sauce3

That’s when she stumbled into a nice back yard and met her new foster family. And that’s when she got her new name of Hot Sauce.

The family loves her and would love to adopt her but they recently adopted two other cats, so they think it’s best if Hot Sauce finds her own forever home.

She is spayed but has all of her claws.

Hot Sauce4

As you might imagine, Hot Sauce is somewhat skittish at first, but once you build trust with her she will come right to you. She is super friendly and loves attention. If you pet her, she’ll return the favor by rubbing up agains your leg.

She is a sweet cat who deserves a stable, loving and secure home to call her own. Who do you know who’s looking to add a four-legged friend to the mix? Please keep Hot Sauce in mind.

For more information and to arrange a time to meet her, please contact Jill Goldstein.

Hot Sauce2



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