Furry Friends, Forever Homes

Just think; if you adopted this dog, you could sing “Me and My Shadow” till your heart’s content.


That’s right. This is Shadow and he is looking for his forever home.

He is a sweet, four-year-old hunk of pit bull love. In fact, he’s so full of love that he really loves other dogs. In fact, he prefers to be crated with another happy-go-lucky dog when you leave (if said dog is OK with it). It brings him a sense of security.

And he absolutely loves to be with his people. If you want to hang out and cuddle, he’s cool with that. If you want to go for a short jog, Shadow will gladly go with you. And, if you simply want to take him for a nice walk, he will happily comply.


The bottom line: he wants to be your Shadow…literally and figuratively.

Shadow does well with older children, and currently is living with young children (read: toddlers). He seems to enjoy them and does great during supervised play times.

In fact, he’s an all-around great pup, and while he appreciates the foster care he is getting through B.A.R.K., he really wants his forever family to find him.


Please, keep sweet Shadow in mind if you or someone you know are looking to add a four-legged friend to the family. He is fully vetted, neutered, and current on his monthly preventatives. In other words, he’s good to go. He’s just waiting for you!

To learn more about Shadow and to arrange a time to meet him, please contact B.A.R.K.



About B.A.R.K.

B.A.R.K. stands for Being Advocates for Rescued K-9s. They care for and re-home dogs in need. The majority of their dogs come from overcrowded shelters where they were in danger of being euthanized. They are an all-breed rescue and will accept dogs of any breed into foster care as long as they have a willing and open home available! They are true advocates for the dogs they rescue by:

  • believing that saving one life at a time makes a difference.
  • improving the quality of life for the rescued dogs by providing safe, loving, and knowledgeable foster homes.
  • believing that supportive relationships with shelters, rescue groups, veterinarians, and adoptive families are a priority for the well being of all dogs.
  • taking pride in taking the time to work with each dog’s unique personalities and behaviors to ensure that their next home is the “forever home.”


About Pause 4 Paws

Pause 4 Paws raises funds for 18 animal rescue organizations that have little time to raise money on their own because they are in the trenches doing the difficult work, day and night. The focus of Pause 4 Paws is to help these organizations with their life-saving efforts. The individuals who work for the 18 organizations that Pause 4 Paws financially supports are tireless in their efforts to rescue animals by providing medical care and finding forever homes for dogs and cats in need. In 2012, these 18 organizations rescued over 5,500 dogs and cats, and they vaccinated, spayed and neutered an additional 5,300. That is almost 11,000 animals! For more information, please visit the Pause 4 Paws website.



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