Furry Friends, Forever Homes

This week, we are excited to introduce you to a sweetheart named Trooper!


Trooper was found as a stray on the streets and currently is in foster care through Rough Start Rescue. And despite him being a street cat, he has the manners of a perfect gentleman.

Seriously, this guy gets along with everyone and everything. He has a foster brother (cat) and a foster sister (dog) in his home, and he plays very well with both. In fact, he and his foster brother love to cuddle, and he loves to egg on his foster sister so she’ll chase him. Eventually, she’ll get in trouble  and have to stop and when that happens, Trooper sits and waits…until the time is right to pounce on her. It’s all just so much fun!

And then, there are the kiddos. Tropper’s foster mom runs an in-home daycare, and Trooper just loves all of the attention the kids give him.


Of course, Trooper can play by himself and loves all sorts of toys. Really, he’ll play with anything that’s given to him and in fact, his current favorite toy is a dog bone.

Sadly, Trooper has been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia which means he can’t live with other cats unless they are FelK + too, or have received FelK vaccines. Despite the diagnosis, Trooper is not slowing down, with an abundance of love to give and countless laps to nap on. He is, after all, a trooper!

Says his foster mom:

“He is an incredibly sweet cat! I haven’t found anything he doesn’t like yet, from food to play toys to places to nap. He is incredibly funny and spunky! Trooper is an amazing cat! Don’t let the feline leukemia deter you from meeting him. Please ask any questions you may have!”

Please keep sweet Trooper in mind if you or anyone you know are looking for a four-legged friend of the feline persuasion to add to the family. For more information and to get any questions answered, please contact Ruff Start Rescue.



About Ruff Start Rescue

Ruff Start rescue is a Non Profit 501c3 No-Kill Animal Rescue founded in Princeton with foster homes all throughout Central MN.  They are composed solely of volunteers who love animals. They work hard to rescue stray, neglected, abandoned, and surrendered dogs and cats, love them and nurture them in foster homes, and place them in new loving forever homes. They are also determined to educate the community about the importance of animal rescue, including spaying/neutering to reduce unwanted litters who are ultimately euthanized. They rescue animals from high kill facilities, rehabilitate the sick, love the unsocialized pets and maintain a 100% spay/neuter program. Ruff Start Rescue strives to end pet overpopulation and safely place all unwanted animals in loving homes. To learn more about Ruff Start Rescue, please visit their website or their Facebook page.


About Pause 4 Paws

Pause 4 Paws raises funds for 18 animal rescue organizations that have little time to raise money on their own because they are in the trenches doing the difficult work, day and night. The focus of Pause 4 Paws is to help these organizations with their life-saving efforts. The individuals who work for the 18 organizations that Pause 4 Paws financially supports are tireless in their efforts to rescue animals by providing medical care and finding forever homes for dogs and cats in need. In 2012, these 18 organizations rescued over 5,500 dogs and cats, and they vaccinated, spayed and neutered an additional 5,300. That is almost 11,000 animals! For more information, please visit the Pause 4 Paws website

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