Ultimate Pajama ‘n’ Pooches Party

There is an Ultimate Pajama Party taking place at The Lab Theater in the Warehouse District in Minneapolis over the next couple of weeks. It’s a girls-night-out theater experience that is part show, part dance and part party as the cast members throw the ultimate pajama party for their best friend, Lisa. She’s suffered a bad breakup with Steve, a dead-end job and years spent not pursuing her dreams…and now Lisa is ready to celebrate new beginnings. Oh, and Lisa has a rescue pit bull who is a big part of her life.

The Ultimate Pajama Party began in 2008 as a one-night charity event for women, and is now a highly-anticipated theatrical  production. While the premise of the party is the same each night, no two productions are the same. And how can they be when they merge theater, world events and reality TV together?

There is one constant though: no boys.

That’s right. The Ultimate Pajama Party is for women only…expect that on Sunday, February 3, women are invited to bring their well-behaved pooch. Because after all, dogs deserve an evening out on the town, too.

Hosted by Sidewalk Dog, the dogs will get a chance to socialize with other dogs, enjoy special doggy treats, snuggle with their owners, and get a chance to dress in fun pjs, if they want to.

And, don’t worry, changes to the show will be made to accommodate the canine friends. For example, there won’t be a band playing, there won’t be a disco dance party, and all songs will be performed a tad bit quieter. The dogs will be comfortable, and their owners will still have a great time.

Tickets include general admission in Cabaret or VIP seating areas, food, desserts, coat check, all activities (photo bed, dress up closet, games, prizes, and much more), and interactive show. Cash bar and Valet parking available. And, The Ultimate Pajama Party gladly donates five percent of ticket sales to the Jeremiah Program to help women move forward in their lives.

Showtime is 5:00. The ticket price for Cabaret seating is $69, and the price for VIP seating is $99. For more information on the two options and to order tickets, please click here.

And while the dogs who attend can be any age, their human counterparts must be at least 21 years old.





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