Top 7 Fun Fitness Ideas in the Twin Cities

Top 7 Fitness IdeasBy Jenn Espinosa-Goswami

Imagine that you become all excited about a new idea, you gather all the tools you need, and you register your payment information. Three months later, you are no longer excited and the tools gather dust. Worse yet, you forget about the payments you’re making every month until a full year later.

If that sounds like you, then you probably have joined a gym at some point in your life. Whenever people talk about getting healthy, the first thing they say is “I joined XYZ gym”. The biggest problem with joining XYZ gym is most of us simply stop going within 3 months!

I’m a bit of a cheapskate, which is one of the reasons I am anti-gym. The other reason is I hate wasting money.

Most gyms are a WASTE of money.

Besides, who wants to be a hamster pounding the treadmill in a closed gym environment crawling with sweat, germs, and loud noises? If it doesn’t motivate me, it probably isn’t floating your boat, either. It’s not fun, and it doesn’t usually result in fitness.

But, you are focused on getting more exercise. What can you do other than join a gym?

Plus, how do you motivate yourself when your routine gets a little bit…stale?

It has been years since I held a gym membership. Yet, as a health coach who helps women get more fit on their own time, I have an arsenal of great resources that allow them to do it without locking themselves into an annual contract.

By the way, my poor husband once joined a local, big gym, and they literally gave him such grief about cancelling a contract that he complained to management.

Here are my Top 7 Fun Fitness Ideas in the Twin Cities

  1. Check out your local community education website for the latest classes. The classes are usually only 8-12 weeks, so it’s a good way to find a new passion! Through Edina Community Education, I have found Masala Bhangra, Xabeat, and lots of Zumba options! Even better, most community education centers allow a drop-in rate for a single class, or let you make-up a missed class by attending any of the other classes. That’s a win-win for busy women!
  2. Look on Eventbrite or Meetup for fitness-related events. I found CM’s Fitness this way. Cm’s Fitness regularly holds workshops and special events with guest instructors that non-members can attend.
  3. Subscribe to a Youtube fitness channel. Most fitness professionals offer free videos to try out their offerings. Did you know that local Lifetime Fitness instructor Shelly Dose also has many free Youtube videos? Her videos are NO JOKE! This is especially helpful for those who are reluctant or don’t have time to leave their house, but still want to get fit. Check some other options
  4. Set up your own home gym. This doesn’t need to be expensive. Start with a set of resistance bands, a jump rope, and light weights. Choose one and get fit!
  5. Get outside to walk, run, roll, bike, skate, swim, ski or glide. Or, do a living room dance party with your family. All you need is some tunes!
  6. Try a Groupon deal. I recently joined Art of Strength using a $20 for the first month Groupon deal. After completing one workout, I can say that they will help me accomplish my goal of doing an unassisted pull-up. Trying the Groupon allows me to sample the gym at a great rate without committing to an annual membership. Many local studios include Groupon deals from time to time, including one of my past favorites, Fit Body Boot Camp.
  7. Try a ClassPass. Instead of locking yourself into a contract, you can pay as little as $35 per month to try out 3 different fitness classes at a variety of local studios. You choose the studio and the schedule.


Jen EspinozaJenn Espinosa-Goswami is a Minneapolis-based health coach and motivational speaker who has maintained a weight loss of 100 pounds since 2002. She has been featured on Women’s Health, Prevention, Spry Living and Half Size Me, and loves helping women achieve body bliss without counting calories or joining a gym. Join her 5 Days to Body Bliss challenge at

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