WME Presents: Together Live

Together Live arrives at State Theater on October 19, 2017 at 6:30 PM. The national touring event convenes thought leaders, local activists, artists, athletes and celebrity guests for a night of inspired talks, interviews and interactive conversation. Headlined by Glennon Doyle, Abby Wambach, Luvvie Ajayi, and emceed by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, Together Live inspires audiences to find their purpose, build communities and take action.

To bring the wisdom of the smallest rooms to the largest possible, Together is inclusive, accessible and welcoming of all — you do not need to be qualified to attend. Together Live tickets start at $25 and events take place in large auditoriums after work hours to make it as easy as possible for thousands of people to attend. During the three-hour event, you’ll hear from badass earth-shakers, hilarious heroines and authentic storytellers and leave asking questions about your own path; where you came from, why you’re here and where you are going. This community is a radical, vital act of love and transformation during an important time. We invite you to join us this fall.

Together Live believes in the power of intersectional storytelling to break down barriers that divide us. During the tour, you’ll hear from our headliners and exciting guest speakers, including Latham Thomas and Alexis Jones in Minneapolis. 

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